apercu des monstres , le tank – monster , the tank

In the boardgame there is human and monsters fighting for survival. Why, How ? These questions will be answered later.
Amongst the monsters there are some peons (warriors, troupers, special warriors) and some creature whose have developped some self character and are « unique » monsters.

They are meant to be made the game exciting and strategic, to motivate player in choosing to play monster or human.
With the self made missions, it is possible to play both monster vs monster and human vs human games.

I will show you the profil of the Tank one of the most dangerous monster in Krysalis.

Site Krysalis

Today the Krysalis website is only a blog waiting to become an online gaming website.

You have noticed that this website is directly connected to social network such as facebook, twitter and google buzz, enabling the visitors to share this website content with their contacts.

We will try to keep posting english translated enrty regularly, in order to stay in touch with the most people.
A new language menu has so appeared on the left column.

Just under the flags there is a donate via paypal button, that’s new too. We will be pleased to receive any donation in order to help us pay for the sculptors, for ths illustrators, the designers and the website team.

Feel free to contact me for partnership and publishing informations at : soutien@krysalis-boardgame.com

– Mugen –

Bienvenue sur le site de Krysalis

Le projet Krysalis a été initié il y a plusieurs années par Matou de Maow Miniatures.

Par manque de temps il a confié l’an dernier le bébé à une nouvelle équipe de dessinateurs / rédacteurs.
Et après une longue gestation nous voilà prêts à présenter petit à petit notre jeu et son univers.

Bienvenue sur ce site et dans un monde si proche et si différent du notre.

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