This little one is the Worker and it is made by Mugen it will be available on our new shop with two heads and 4 arms…




Musashi is the cook. He is really great at cutting sushis and monsters.

Sculpted by Max.



It has been a long time since we last post a miniature. Here is the latest Spitter from Arnaud Bellier.

We hope it’ll be available soon on our new website 🙂


Stanford – by Shin-el


We don’t forget our fans, here is a preview of one of the next Krysalis miniatures.

The Colonel Oliver Stanford, aka Zeus, is the brain and the muscle of the team.

32mm sculpted by Régis Viel (Shin-el)

News monsters

One little news about the monsters, Scar by Alexandre Vallet and one worker made by Mugen.

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painted miniature

Some painted miniatures for Krysalis are coming.
This great Jericho is painted by Jarhead from the Massive Voodoo crew.

It’s a GREAT miniature, and I’m very pleased to show it to you.

Big up and big thanks to the monkeys !

The article on Massive Voodoo