Zhiang Li

Here is a new version of Zhiang Li, drawn by Zeen84.

Zhiang Li (Artemis) – 37, chinese – Exobiologist

That cold-hearted woman has a dark past : she betrayed her country after her fiancé’s assassination, and sold vital informations to the USA in exchange for her family’s protection. But she’s like a child when it comes to odd lifeforms… and God knows there will be many in the Krysalis world.

Scar by Zeen84

We had Zeen84, a great Malaysian artist, drawing new versions of our Krysalis Characters, and he had done great things. That’s with a great pleasure I’ll present you Scar, which is a great warrior amongst the monsters, and he had many bad feelings towards the survivors.

You can find other artwork by Zeen84 on his deviantart : http://zeen84.deviantart.com/


And here is Gunslinger, the sniper monster. Drawing by Cypop and colors by Mugen.

Concept d’ouvrier – Worker Concept

Here is a pic from our worker. It’s the smaller monsters.
The miniature will probably get a second head more pulp.

Drawing by Cypop, colors by Mugen.

character – Seeley R. Jones

Seeley is the psychologue. His role is very important for the mental healness of the group. But he is perhaps an Alta spy ?

Character – Antoine Maubriant

Maubriant is the french biochemist of the team. He is serious business in his area of expertise, but he feels better with molecules than peoples.

charac design : Cracheur – Spitter

For months we are working on our Spitter. As Arnaud Bellier has sent me the prototype version of the miniature, it is time to show the concept !

Step by step on the krou’s blog.

Character design – Stanford

Here is Zeus ! The Colonel Stanford is in charge… and he is not a pussy.

Don’t miss anything with a step by step on the Krou’s blog !