Le Projet Krysalis : Les Personnages – characters

What’s coming next is a little introduction to the 12 members of the Krysalis project, kept in the Dome for almost two years, before they get out and discover… that the world has changed ! (suspense…) More detailed biographies will be available along with the game. Only the first eight characters will be playable in the first box set of the game ; the last four will probably be available in the first expansion.

The member of the team use codenames in all their communications, in order to maintain secrecy. Thus, the Dome is named « Olympus », the artificial intelligence computer is named « Pandora » (wich is not its original codename, « Charity »), and every team member has a codename, based on greek mythology. The characters used their codenames during two years, so even after they get out of the Dome, they keep using it.

Introduction : Name, Family Name (codename) – age (in february, 2019), nationality – job

The 8 first, available in the first box set :

Oliver Stanford (Zeus) – 46, american – US ARMY (Colonel)

He’s the one in command. Nevertheless, he’s like the other team member, the subject of the experiment (the life-on-Mars simulation – Anne Oakley is the only one not being the subject of the experiment, being the « gamemaster »). Straight and fair, Stanford is also gruff and maybe a little bit autoritharian.

Vittoria D’Angeli (Athena) – 32, american – US Marine Corps (Sergeant Major)

Experimental firearms specialist, she’s also the second in command. From her italian ancestors, she inherited a fire temperament, contained by an exemplary composure. Vittoria is generally the head of out-of-the-Dome missions. If there’s one you should trust, it’s definitely her.

Anne L. Oakley (Hera) – 27, canadian – Engineer, « gamemaster » (supervising the simulation)

As a gamemaster, Anne schedules missions and simulates incidents, watching closely both installations and team members. If Stanford is, technically, his superior, this enigmatic brunette has total control in the Dome, and her talents goes way beyond computers…

Seeley R. Jones (Ares) – 41, australian – Psychologist

Seeley watch over team members’ well-being, and observe their behaviour like a three-years old child would watch an ant-hill. He reports directly to Anne. Seeley is very open, but his dark eyes and his enigmatic smile never betray his emotions ; on the other hand, he reads in you like in an open book.

Samuel T. Anderson (Hephaestus) – 54, american – Astrophysician

Coming from Maine, that old bear has seen it all. He’s famous for thinking in a different way, and his scientific theories are just so amazing that his colleagues treats him like a mad man – or possibly a genius. He’s a dreamer, speaks at least five different languages and always wear the same shirt. As the oldest team member, he’s considered like the grand father of the Dome.

Tahiya Roets (Hestia) – 36, south-african/british – Doctor

Tahiya worked on battlefields, in the dreadful situations ; she’s both maternal and autoritharian.

Antoine Maubriant (Poseidon) – 31, french – Biochemist

Very secretive, Maubriant is a mysterious character ; genetic genius, he’s more comfortable with molecules than with human beings. He can’t stand hierarchy in general, and Stanford in particular.

Musashi Miyamoto (Dionysos) – 30, japanese – Cook, botanist

Eccentric dreamer, a bit romantic, Musashi is a famous chief, specialized in fooding and molecular gastronomy ; creative, he’s constantly searching for new recipes. He also watch the greenhouse, and is as sweet with plants as deadly with a knife. He likes to tell the great deeds of his famous namesake.

The last 4, from the expansion :

Thomas « Tom » Jericho (Hermes) – age not known, american – US Air Force (Captain)

A liar, always trying to pick up girls, that seems to do everything to be both loved and hated by women. He can drive any kind of vehicle or UAV. No one in the Dome really knows who hide behind that smiling face, nor what is his real family name.

Zhiang Li (Artemis) – 37, chinese – Exobiologist

That cold-hearted woman has a dark past : she betrayed her country after her fiancé’s assassination, and sold vital informations to the USA in exchange for her family’s protection. But she’s like a child when it comes to odd lifeforms… and God knows there will be many in the Krysalis world.

Margaret Brunswick (Demeter) – 30, irish – Geologist

She looks like a tomboy, and she’s got a hell of a punch. But deep inside, Margaret is a distinguished irish with a broken voice, romantic, self-assumed lesbian, with a huge sense of humor. Tom and her keep on squabbling with each other.

Abigaelle Montgomery (Aphrodite) – 29, british – Mathematician

That gorgeous brown-haired woman, whose eyes would cause any men to melt instantaneously, is a expert in maths and occult sciences, and frequently blend the two. She’s aslo a pretty good artist, drawing anatomic scketches for Zhiang. She’s always in a good mood, and never stop smiling.

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