Note d’intention / Forenote

Hi. I’m GRLC, leader of the GTFKrou, the guy who wrote too much. Unfortunately for you, english people, I’m not a great english talker, so that english version will be shorter than the french version, and may be less readable. Please excuse me, and if you speak the delicate language of Molière, fell free to skip to the french version.

I’m in charge of the development of the Krysalis universe and its story. That forenote intends to present the main aspect of the boardgame : the fact that the guy in charge of its story doesn’t really know the boardgame and role-playing universe (apart from videogames). Yes, I plead guilty.

So, when Matou, from Maow Miniatures, introduced us to the Krysalis project, I quickly understood that the main objective of a boardgame « fluffer » is to define a context, a universe, with a more or less complex story for each mission. The problem is, this is not my world : I grew up in literature, movies and most of all, TV series. So I wanted to go beyond the definition of a context, and create a real story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Just like any story should be.

So Krysalis has been wrote as if it was a TV series : along with a rich and realistic universe, the 12 missions of the first box of the game form a narrative arc, wich is open in the first mission and closed in the last, opening a new arc for the (hopefully) next box. In the meantime, a deep mythology slowly emerge from the dark : so the player is not only a spectator, following the story, but also an actor, investigating and discovering new clue leading to the resolution of the story’s mysteries (our more efficient model is the TV series LOST, the first one to go beyond its original medium (TV) in order to make the spectator part of the investigating process (via the alternative games between each seasons, on the Internet)). We know we’re far from ABC executives for example, but that’s the kind of system we wanted to create for the game.

In fact, we wanted to make a ludic game with a deep story, so you, the player, will be free to choose between three options :

1 – Have fun : quickly understanding simple rules, creating your own missions easily, and being able to play a full mission with your friends without taking at least three hours to do so ! 🙂

2 – Be more competitive : increasing the difficulty by learning complex moves and strategies out of simples rules, playing the missions in the right order (so you can apply bonus and malus to winners and losers), and being able to « role-play » a deep and complex character, no just a 30mm avatar.

3 – Go Beyond the Game : if you’re the kind of player who always wants to know more, you’ll be able to investigate on our future Krysalis website, and discover clues about what is really going on in the mysterious world of the game.

But, wait, what is exactly that mysterious world, and what is going on in it ? Well, it will be discussed in the next note… 🙂

– GRLC –

PS : if I butchered your wonderful language, fell free to tell me so in the comment section. I have a huge sense of humor.

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