about the game – 1

The Krysalis team has not been asleep all summer. In fact everyone tried to find the time to work on the project. Some with the script, the rules or the new website.

Today I’ll show you some rules and the new cards design.



Each single character in Krysalis is represented by his reference card.
On the card there is the gear, the special rules, games atributes (Movement, Shoot, Combat, Resistance and Cold Blood), the health bar and the strategic cost (combat value of the character)

The main drawing will be used as a cardboard pawn (it will be nicer to have great Krysalis miniature on the boardgame).
The cards will have two faces to show great looking pawns.



These cards are used to play 1 to 4 backup characters. Each backup has the gear the special rules and the same attributes as showned on the card. But they are played individually on the boardgame.
The strategic cost and health bar are separated and identified by a color which is the same as on the character pawn (players will have to add the color on the miniature or its base).

Next article will be about gear in Krysalis.

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