And here is Gunslinger, the sniper monster. Drawing by Cypop and colors by Mugen.

On the road

The Krysalis Boardgame is a work in progress and his visual identity changes with time.
This blog will be completely remade when the website will arrive.

But today I’ll give you a sneak peak with the new Krysalis Boardgame logo, designed by GRCL

about the game – 2

Each game of Krysalis follows a specific scenario, from the scenario book or scenario made by players.

To set up the game, tiles are chose and are laid side by site to make the board.
The game can be replay with different setting of the tiles.
We will have 8 tiles printed on both sides in the game box, it allows many combination.

We try to incorporate a strong atmosphere andwe’re still working.

On the tiles there are walls and obstacle which are used during the game.
The red borders are the walls, the characters can not pass or see through these.
The obstacles are drawn on the tiles with a level from 1 to 4. These tags are used for two things :

– they can be a protection for the characters on some conditions, the value of the tag is added to the character protection (counting his equipment).
– when they are on the way they, the player need to add the value of the tag to the normal movement for the character to move through the square.

For some scenario, the characters need to act on some squares, search to get an object, analyse the soil like in the « CSI » show or even act on some mecanism to win the game.
Sometimes in Krysalis running and shooting is not enough to survive…

some intentions

A week ago the GTFK association had a meeting where we spoke about the futur of Krysalis boardgame. There are some news for you folks.

The road is long before having a game but like in the Kansas song, we carry on !

There are some important news :

– more update on this blog, as many as once a week !
– new version of rule book and prototype material for testers
– translation of everything in english
– new skin for this devblog
– the krysalis website
– and Krysalis and GTFK will be at some french event in 2012

Here are some quick goals to reboost the team.
If you want to test our game please contact us on twitter or on the forum.
We want players to test the game and give us some advice, we want to know if our game is interesting enough to be edited.

about the game – 1

The Krysalis team has not been asleep all summer. In fact everyone tried to find the time to work on the project. Some with the script, the rules or the new website.

Today I’ll show you some rules and the new cards design.



Each single character in Krysalis is represented by his reference card.
On the card there is the gear, the special rules, games atributes (Movement, Shoot, Combat, Resistance and Cold Blood), the health bar and the strategic cost (combat value of the character)

The main drawing will be used as a cardboard pawn (it will be nicer to have great Krysalis miniature on the boardgame).
The cards will have two faces to show great looking pawns.



These cards are used to play 1 to 4 backup characters. Each backup has the gear the special rules and the same attributes as showned on the card. But they are played individually on the boardgame.
The strategic cost and health bar are separated and identified by a color which is the same as on the character pawn (players will have to add the color on the miniature or its base).

Next article will be about gear in Krysalis.

Stanford – by Shin-el


We don’t forget our fans, here is a preview of one of the next Krysalis miniatures.

The Colonel Oliver Stanford, aka Zeus, is the brain and the muscle of the team.

32mm sculpted by Régis Viel (Shin-el)

Concept d’ouvrier – Worker Concept

Here is a pic from our worker. It’s the smaller monsters.
The miniature will probably get a second head more pulp.

Drawing by Cypop, colors by Mugen.