some intentions

A week ago the GTFK association had a meeting where we spoke about the futur of Krysalis boardgame. There are some news for you folks.

The road is long before having a game but like in the Kansas song, we carry on !

There are some important news :

– more update on this blog, as many as once a week !
– new version of rule book and prototype material for testers
– translation of everything in english
– new skin for this devblog
– the krysalis website
– and Krysalis and GTFK will be at some french event in 2012

Here are some quick goals to reboost the team.
If you want to test our game please contact us on twitter or on the forum.
We want players to test the game and give us some advice, we want to know if our game is interesting enough to be edited.

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