Before your discover the terrible event that changed the face of the Krysalis world in 2019, there is one last thing that you, future player, should know about : the inevitable mysterious company. Yes, that’s a cliché. And a good one 🙂 But wait until you see what we are gonna do with it : ALTA is an essential part of Krysalis’ story.

ALTA is a pharmaceutical laboratory created by Anton Walbrook in West Berlin, back in 1949. Few is known about Walbrook himself and the exact circumstances of the creation of ALTA : Germany was an ideological battlefield between West and East ; it seems that ALTA was created in order to help germans – the ones who fought against the Third Reich, and those who were already fleeing from East, before the construction of the Wall.

Concerning Walbrook, the official ALTA website claims that he was a social sciences researcher from Austria, born in 1920 at Leoben ; he then arrived in Germany in 1942, helping the resistance against Nazis.  In 1944, he created a makeshift private hospital with some doctors from the resistance. In 1946, the little hospital began to manufacture medical equipment, before it became an « official » laboratory in 1949.

Therefore, ALTA’s main goal is humanitarian aid. But as soon as it became a company, ALTA started to diversify its production, and gain popularity in West Germany, and then in the Western Bloc.  In 1954, ALTA opens new factories in France, first in Tours, then in Bordeaux, from where it can export its production to USA.

In the 60’s, ALTA became one of the most thriving european company : medicine and medical equipment were now just a part of the production ; ALTA started financing public and private hospital, and in the 70’s, the company invade the electronic and computer market. Some starts to complain about the active collaboration between ALTA and the US Army.

In 1989; Anton Walbrook died in the crash of his private jet, somewhere over the Alps. Richard Steirn, his faithful colleague, then became the new director of ALTA. Steirn came under criticism because of his young age (he was 25), but he quickly showed that he deserved Walbrook’s trust.

By 2010, ALTA has become one of the greatest company of the world. ALTA is basically everywhere, and is technically untouchable. ALTA is not represented by a public figure, Steirn being very discreet and not making many public appearances. But the popularity of the company never failed, and without ALTA, the Krysalis would not be so advanced in genetic and bioengineering today.

President Cuthbert decided, in 2010, to keep the Constellation project alive and boost the space industry. ALTA, of course, was one of the main contractors : new technologies, flight simulations and secret experiences were conducted by the company. One of those many projects, designed to simulate life on Mars, was entirely supervised by ALTA… Its code name : Chrysalis…


PS : the (wonderful, isn’t it 🙂 ) ALTA logo is copyright GTFK 2010 🙂

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