The Krysalis world

Now that you know how we gonna tell the story of Krysalis, let’s get to the more interesting part : what are we gonna tell ?

It should be very clear that Krysalis is set in an alternate history (not into our reality, but in a parallel world in wich, at some point in the past, History as we know it started to « diverge »). I want it to be very clear for future players : differences are not huge, but they are relevant enough to be part of the story.  We want the player to be perfectly aware that he/she is in a different world, in wich the differences he/she will find may hold clues.

Another problem for us is that the game’s story takes place in 2019 (in 9 years). Better than try to predict what will happen in nine years to make the Krysalis world looks genuine, we decided that the best would be to set the story in an alternate timeline, in wich we can be free to create a 2019 that (maybe) won’t be close to the real one, but will feel authentic, regarding the events depicted throughout the timeline.

The world of Krysalis is very near from our world : slightly, some minor differences start to show up around the 1950’s,  but the real change occures around the 2000’s – 2010’s. So, if you were teleported in the Krysalis world in 2000, you would feel pretty much at home : well, ok, the Fall of the Berlin Wall occured a day earlier (8th november). But that’s nothing compared to the – almost – successfull (and horrible) attack on the White House during 9/11 :  in the Krysalis world, the last plane hit the West Wing of the White House. As you know, « butterfly effect » is what it is, and in 2010, Barack Obama is still senator of the Illinois. Instead, Edward J. Cuthbert  (republican) followed George W. Bush ; Cuthbert has since be reelected, and is still the president of the United States in 2019, in the Krysalis World.

Do you see where I’m going : an alternate reality, so close to our… and also different.

But wait, there’s more : the Krysalis world is also slightly different from our world when it comes to nuclear weapon/energy ; maybe Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a greater moral impact back there, because the Cold War was more about biochemical weapon than nuclear weapon. Less nuclear plants, more clean energies.

And yes, the Krysalis world is a little more advanced in bioengineering, genetic and medecine : it’s not clone’s time, but they are about to find a cure against cancer, and somes genetic diseases that we still carry were almost eradicated back there.

The thing is, in our reality we’re currently arguing about global warming and nuclear bombs, while the Krysalis people are speaking about the legal issues about ongoing genetic progress, and biochemical bombs… The same old story.

A world that is not so different from our world…

From the beginning of the project, it was Matou’s intention to create a familiar world, in order to give the impression that all the terrible events that are going to happen in the Krysalis world could happen here too… sooner than you think…


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  1. Voui, j’avais déjà essayé d’expliquer dans le précédent billet… disons que c’est un mot qui fait très peur, mais en fait il est très simple et très utile pour parler d’histoires 🙂

    Diégèse = Univers du récit (le récit raconté plus tout ce qui l’entoure : par exemple, quand Fox Mulder pique un somme, c’est pas montré à la télé, dans l’histoire racontée, mais ça fait toujours partie de l’univers du récit : c’est donc intra-diégétique).

    Disons que ce billet est encore très extra-diégétique, parce que je ne métale guère sur le récit lui-même et que j’en fait des tonnes sur sa fabrication et sa perception par le joueur/testeur 🙂 Le prochain par contre, il sera 100% intra-diégétique 😉

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